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Useful Tips for Hot Tub Owners

While hot tubs have a variety of health benefits along with offering stress relief and rejuvenating you after a long day, not maintaining your hot tub properly can lead to potential dangers. Tubby's Repairs strives to help you avoid these risks by providing you with useful spa water care tips.

Using an effective sanitizer system and paying attention to the basics of spa water chemistry can keep the water in your hot tub clean and prevent the buildup of disease causing organic waste, especially if you use your hot tub frequently. Call Tubby's Repairs if you need further assistance with maintaining your hot tub in Barrhead, Whitecourt or the surrounding areas.

Hot Tub Start-Up

Here are some helpful hot tub start-up tips:

  1. Shock the tub to kill all bacteria by putting jets on high speed. Add ½ a cup of spa shock and let pumps run for 15 minutes with the lid open.
  2. Turn the breaker off.
  3. Drain the tub (drain valve, syphon or sump pump out).
  4. Clean the tub with soapy water.
  5. Refill water in the tub (filling it into the filter housing).
  6. Turn the breaker on.
  7. Ensure the circulation of water (it may have airlocked).
  8. If airlocked, loosen the nut on the end of the pump to let the air out, and then, retighten the nut.
  9. Set the desired temperature.
  10. Throw in the automatic chlorine dispenser (filled with chlorine pucks).
  11. Add one tablespoon chlorine granules to the water.
  12. Check and adjust pH:
    • If pH is high, add pH (spa) down.
    • If pH is low, add pH (spa) up.

For the first few days, check and adjust chlorine level daily.

Hot Tub Maintenance

To maintain your hot tub follow these simple steps once a week:

  1. Check and adjust pH.
  2. Shock the tub by putting jets on high speed. Add ½ a cup of spa shock and let the pumps run for 15 minutes with the lid open.
  3. Check and adjust chlorine.
  4. Add 3-4 ounces of spa perfect.
  5. Add 3-4 ounces of stain and scale eliminator.

After heavy use (more than 2 people for 15 minutes) add 1 tablespoon chlorine granules.

**Most importantly, ensure there's always some chlorine in the tub.

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